Taking Innovation to the Next Level

Innovation is ingrained in Pittsburgh. From our world-renowned universities and thriving tech startup scene to well-known corporate giants, including PPG, ATI, Facebook, Google and Uber—all have built solid foundations here, and they’re growing. It’s this region-wide spirit of ingenuity and imagination that inspires Pittsburgh International Airport to look for ways to transform the industry.

Industry-Shifting Innovations

We continually search for the right partners who are willing to work with us to shift industry mindsets and set new standards. Through our unique approach, we match airlines’ business goals with our market’s needs to create success for all involved.

On the passenger side, the addition of a nonstop route to London on British Airways has become a true economic driver for business and leisure in our region. In cargo, PIT has provided unmatched freight solutions for EFL, a global freight forwarder who partners with Qatar Airways Cargo at PIT.

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PIT’s partnerships also extend to the region’s world-renowned educational institutions. For instance, we have a formal agreement with Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), the first university to offer an undergraduate degree in Artificial Intelligence (AI). It has enabled us to be the first airport in the world to adopt their students’ innovations to improve the passenger experience.

Our installation of Zensors, a tech platform developed by a CMU graduate, incorporates AI into our closed-circuit camera system to determine how fast or slow security lines are moving. PIT is the first airport to install this technology, providing passengers with real-time security line wait times and allowing them to manage their travel time more efficiently.

Did you know?

PIT was the first airport in the U.S. to recreate a simulated airline cabin in its new sensory room, Presley’s Place, which was created for passengers with sensory processing sensitivities.

Check Out Presley’s Place

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Empowering People. Elevating Experiences.

Every airport employee is encouraged to bring new ideas, insights and creativity to their work—things that no machine or software could ever duplicate. It is truly our people who continue to advance our thinking so we can continue to deliver value for our airline partners, an improved experience for travelers and continued economic development for our region.