MyPITID Identity Management System

From Smart Plans to Projects: Your PIT ID Matters @ our Smarter Airport!

Transforming travel at our Smarter Airport begins with putting the passenger first. In order to do that, our team members have to get to the places they’re needed to support our passengers. Whether it’s in the terminal, on the airfield or anywhere in between, your PIT airport identification matters.

We’re putting our strategic plans into motion with tangible projects these days, and creating a new ACAA Identity Management System (IDMS) and revising our badging scheme. Our Access/ID Office will operate in a more efficient way, with increased data accuracy, improved customer service and a more secure way of processing and issuing badges.

We’re simplifying the color schemes of our badges, moving from five to just three, and ensuring the badging process is future-ready to support anticipated badge holder growth expected with our Terminal Modernization Project.

We’ve got you covered. Everything needed for access management will be available through a user-friendly, self-service portal, eliminating many paper forms and in-person visits to the Access/ID office. The new badge scheme aligns to industry standards and best practices, improves the ability to quickly see who is authorized to be in any area, and showcases PIT’s progressive view of the future. PIT airport identification matters for everyone in our Smarter Airport. As we transform travel, this project is another way we’re enabling, equipping and empowering our people to do just that.

Watch the short videos above to learn more about the upcoming changes to our PIT ID badges.