PIT Paws

Pups Alleviating Worry and Stress

PIT PAWS—Pups Alleviating Worry and Stress—is Pittsburgh International Airport’s Dog Therapy Program. PIT PAWS allows passengers to interact with friendly, trained and certified therapy dogs to help alleviate stress and provide a few minutes of relaxation before flying.

Job duties of PIT PAWS team

  • Show off your furry friend!
  • Assist passengers by providing helpful information and wayfinding
  • Create a fun, positive, and stress free experience for passengers
  • Promote the airport and PIT Paws program

Online Application

Qualifications for Dogs and Handlers to Participate in PIT PAWS

  • Ability to serve in the busy airport environment as well as complete the mandatory training sessions and requirements.
  • The team (handler and dog) can demonstrate ability to work well with people and be willing to assist others.
  • Dog must be clean and well groomed.
  • The team needs to possess good communication skills, be reliable, be committed and be physically able to perform the duties of the job.