COVID-19 – New Protocols

New Protocols at PIT

The airport’s response is integrated with the CDC and involves first responder staff, who are trained to handle such situations. The airport implemented new healthy travel protocols in boosting deep cleaning routines in the terminal, including restrooms and other common areas, as part of its 90-person cleaning staff. The new protocols include:

  • The airport has boosted deep cleaning routines in the terminal, including restrooms, people movers, authority offices and other common areas.
  • Hand sanitizing stations will be installed at approximately 30 locations throughout the airport.
  • The airport has increased cleaning frequencies at all high-touchpoint areas including handrails, elevator buttons, door handles, tables, public desks, and chairs.
  • The people movers, including hold bars and rails, are being cleaned more frequently.
  • Cleaning staff is equipped with hospital-grade disinfectant that is certified environmentally friendly.