Ready for Takeoff


Now, children can see what makes an airport run smoothly through our immersive educational experiences: Getting Ready for Takeoff & Ready for Takeoff.  These unique learning experiences give elementary and middle school students a backstage view of the aviation industry. The programs connect the valuable education students receive in the classroom to the real world. Give students a chance to see how they can use the tools teachers provide them with in the classroom in their future careers.

Ready for Takeoff

Middle School Students

In Ready for Takeoff, we bring the airport to the middle school classroom. Students will learn what is means to be innovative and discover how innovation makes our airport run smoothly. By meeting team members from different departments in the airport, they’ll get to see the endless career options we have available. The important skills they gain from classroom courses have a place in the real world, and this program shows students how airport employees use those skills every day.

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Getting Ready for Takeoff

Elementary School Students

Tailored to elementary school students, Getting Ready for Takeoff gives children the chance to explore the Pittsburgh International Airport. Students can tour the airport to see all the different elements that help our airport campus function each day. They’ll listen to mini lessons from employees in departments across the airport, learn about our Art in the Airport program, our baggage system, fire department and so much more.