Parking Options

Parking Rates*Quick Reference

1st HrPer 30 MinsDailyMonthly
Short Term parkingShort Term$4.00$36.00
Long Term parking Long Term$3.00$20.00
Extended parkingExtended (Shuttle)FREE$2.00$15.00
Economy parking Economy$12.00
PIT Executive parkingPIT Executive$49.00$499.00

*Rates include local taxes. Daily rates are calculated per calendar day. Each day, short term, long term and extended lots will be charged at the half hour rate up to the daily max. ADA (Handicapped Permit Holders) are eligible for a discounted rate of $12.00 per day, excluding PIT Executive Parking. Present your valid permit to the Cashier Lane at the main exit plaza for ticket validations, this discount cannot retrospectively be applied after exit. Displayed rates are pull-up rates.

Accessible Parking

Patrons with disabled permits or plates are eligible for a rate of $12.00/day for parking regardless of lot.  Upon exit, press button to call attendant and they will validate your ticket for that rate.

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EV Charging Stations

There are 10 EV charging stations located in the long-term lot near sections 8A and 8B, and there are six stations located in the short-term parking garage.

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Oversized Vehicles

Parking of oversized vehicles or trailers at any time is prohibited. This includes taking up more than one designated parking space.
Oversized vehicles are those exceeding 17 feet in length, 7 feet in width or 8 feet in height and will be required to pay additional fees.
Violators are subject to citation and/or towing at the vehicle owner’s expense.

Oversized Vehicles Info & Policy


Hyatt Regency Guests

Follow yellow commercial curb signs for the Hotel and enter the Long Term parking lot. Navigate around the enclosed walkway to the Northeast area of the lot (sections 2-8).

PIT Express Pass

Pay for your parking electronically by using a transponder tag and the designated PIT Express Pass lanes at the entrance and exit gates of each lot. Already have E-ZPass? You can register your E-ZPass tag and have it double as your PIT Express Pass tag!

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Pre-Pay Stations

To speed up the exit process out of the airport and to provide a more contactless parking experience, PIT has four pre-pay stations; one in baggage claim, two along the moving walkway to the parking lots and one by our parking shuttle. Customers are encouraged to use these pay stations, although they can still pay by credit card at the main exit turnstiles, if absolutely necessary. Cash customers must use the pay stations.

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Parking Capacity

Short Term
Long Term

Reserve Your ParkingONLINE

PIT’s parking options are already some of the most affordable around, and through Reserved Parking you can get an exclusive deal on an upgrade and guarantee a spot in your chosen lot.


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