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Arrival TimeCityAirlineGateBaggage ClaimStatus
1:55 PMBradfordSouthern Airways Express 466B41LArrived
2:04 PMWashington, D.c.United Air Lines 6291A6PArrived
2:08 PMFort LauderdaleJetBlue Airways 822B29JArrived
2:20 PMNashvilleSouthwest Airlines 3409A1KArrived
2:32 PMDallas/Fort WorthAmerican Airlines 2829B36BArrived
2:34 PMDenverUnited Air Lines 648A2PArrived
2:42 PMCharlotteAmerican Airlines 4706B30BArrived
3:01 PMDetroitDelta Air Lines 5596D76MArrived
3:10 PMOrlandoSouthwest Airlines 2350A3KArrived
3:41 PMChicagoAmerican Airlines 3423B26BArrived
3:56 PMPhiladelphiaAmerican Airlines 4830B32BArrived
4:05 PMDuboisSouthern Airways Express 164B41LArrived
4:29 PMSeattleAlaska Airlines 412B31LArrived
4:33 PMNewarkUnited Air Lines 3610A2PArrived
4:44 PMAtlantaDelta Air Lines 2231D78MArrived
4:50 PMBostonJetBlue Airways 2486B29JArrived
4:50 PMAltoonaSouthern Airways Express 276B41LArrived
5:07 PMJacksonvilleAllegiant Air 1426B44JArrived
5:08 PMChicagoUnited Air Lines 5698A4PArrived
5:15 PMFort MyersSouthwest Airlines 3202A1KArrived
5:19 PMDetroitDelta Air Lines 5648D80MArrived
5:51 PMCharlotteAmerican Airlines 4669B30BOn Time
5:55 PMBradfordSouthern Airways Express 145B41LOn Time
6:00 PMPhoenixSouthwest Airlines 4657A9KDelayed 6:15 Pm
6:08 PMSt. PetersburgAllegiant Air 1461B42JDelayed 6:19 Pm
6:10 PMMinneapolisDelta Air Lines 3878D76MOn Time
6:20 PMDallas/Fort WorthAmerican Airlines 1757B34BOn Time
6:25 PMNashvilleSouthwest Airlines 6818A7KOn Time
6:27 PMOrlandoSpirit Air Lines 2653B33LOn Time
6:50 PMOrlandoSouthwest Airlines 2299A1KOn Time
6:50 PMDallasSouthwest Airlines 2605A3KOn Time
7:15 PMWashington, D.c.United Air Lines 3446A8POn Time
7:20 PMMorgantownSouthern Airways Express 121B41LOn Time
7:38 PMCharlotteAmerican Airlines 4632B26BOn Time
7:44 PMNewarkUnited Air Lines 3687A6POn Time
7:55 PMJohnstownBoutique Air 878A16ROn Time
7:55 PMTampaSouthwest Airlines 2614A3KOn Time
8:00 PMChicagoSouthwest Airlines 1688A1KOn Time
8:05 PMAtlantaDelta Air Lines 1687D78MOn Time
8:13 PMNew YorkDelta Air Lines 5630D80MOn Time
8:21 PMDallas/Fort WorthAmerican Airlines 131B32Delayed 8:39 Pm
8:25 PMChicagoUnited Air Lines 3679A12POn Time
8:40 PMBostonDelta Air Lines 5632D84MOn Time
9:19 PMChicagoAmerican Airlines 1113B28BOn Time
9:35 PMSt. LouisSouthwest Airlines 4475A15KOn Time
9:44 PMCharlotteAmerican Airlines 1749B36BOn Time
9:50 PMNashvilleAllegiant Air 1412B44JOn Time
9:55 PMBaltimoreSouthwest Airlines 3429A9KDelayed 11:05 Pm
10:04 PMDetroitDelta Air Lines 5749D82MOn Time
10:10 PMFort LauderdaleSouthwest Airlines 2891A1KOn Time
10:16 PMDallas/Fort WorthAmerican Airlines 1661B34On Time
10:20 PMMiamiAmerican Airlines 4627B38BOn Time
10:25 PMAtlantaDelta Air Lines 1481D86MOn Time
10:29 PMPhiladelphiaAmerican Airlines 4906B27On Time
10:49 PMDenverUnited Air Lines 1211A2PDelayed 10:52 Pm
11:05 PMOrlandoSouthwest Airlines 1588A5KOn Time
11:17 PMMinneapolisDelta Air Lines 3583D76MOn Time
11:19 PMFort LauderdaleSpirit Air Lines 558B33LOn Time
11:28 PMHoustonUnited Air Lines 6223A10POn Time
11:45 PMDenverSouthwest Airlines 3939A17KOn Time
11:47 PMChicagoUnited Air Lines 3684A4POn Time
11:50 PMLas VegasSouthwest Airlines 3156A3KOn Time
4:37 AMLos AngelesSpirit Air Lines 656B35LArrived
5:23 AMLas VegasSpirit Air Lines 334B31LArrived
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1:52 PMCharlotteAmerican Airlines 5444B28Departed
2:00 PMLancasterSouthern Airways Express 316B41Departed
2:03 PMDetroitDelta Air Lines 5738D76Departed
2:35 PMTampaSpirit Air Lines 2726B33Departed
2:35 PMSavannahAllegiant Air 2508B42Departed
2:40 PMFort MyersSpirit Air Lines 1765B31Departed
2:43 PMMiamiAmerican Airlines 4533B26Departed
2:53 PMFort LauderdaleJetBlue Airways 2021B29Departed
2:55 PMOrlandoSouthwest Airlines 3409A1Departed
3:02 PMAtlantaDelta Air Lines 2249D78Departed
3:16 PMCharlotteAmerican Airlines 4811B30Departed
3:25 PMDenverUnited Air Lines 591A2Departed
3:30 PMNewarkUnited Air Lines 3586A4Departed
3:37 PMDallas/Fort WorthAmerican Airlines 2829B36Departed
3:45 PMWashington, D.c.United Air Lines 6291A6Departed
3:50 PMBradfordSouthern Airways Express 144B41Departed
3:55 PMAtlantaSouthwest Airlines 2350A3Departed
4:10 PMNew YorkDelta Air Lines 5798D76Departed
4:11 PMChicagoAmerican Airlines 3423B26Departed
4:15 PMHoustonUnited Air Lines 6142A8Departed
5:30 PMSeattleAlaska Airlines 417B31Departed
5:40 PMBostonJetBlue Airways 2485B29Departed
5:59 PMAtlantaDelta Air Lines 2231D78On Time
6:00 PMChicagoUnited Air Lines 5786A4On Time
6:00 PMFort MyersSouthwest Airlines 3208A1Delayed 6:10 Pm
6:10 PMDetroitDelta Air Lines 5597D80On Time
6:13 PMNashvilleAllegiant Air 1405B44On Time
6:15 PMPhiladelphiaAmerican Airlines 4584B32On Time
6:50 PMFort LauderdaleSouthwest Airlines 4657A9Delayed 7:05 Pm
7:00 PMMinneapolisDelta Air Lines 3878D76On Time
7:00 PMAltoonaSouthern Airways Express 277B41On Time
7:10 PMBradfordSouthern Airways Express 465B41On Time
7:20 PMOrlandoSpirit Air Lines 2412B33On Time
7:20 PMDuboisSouthern Airways Express 163B41On Time
7:30 PMChicagoUnited Air Lines 3676A2On Time
7:35 PMChicagoSouthwest Airlines 2299A1On Time
7:35 PMSt. LouisSouthwest Airlines 2605A3On Time
7:45 PMMorgantownSouthern Airways Express 122B41On Time
8:30 PMTampaSouthwest Airlines 2639A3On Time
8:35 PMOrlandoSouthwest Airlines 1688A1On Time
8:35 PMJohnstownBoutique Air 879A16On Time