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Arrival TimeCityAirlineGateBaggage ClaimStatus
8:15 PMSeattleAlaska Airlines 412B31LArrived
8:30 PMBaltimoreSouthwest Airlines 4518A13KArrived
8:35 PMChicagoUnited Air Lines 3679A6PArrived
8:46 PMFort LauderdaleSpirit Air Lines 27B33LArrived
8:50 PMDenverSouthwest Airlines 3442A7KArrived
8:57 PMMinneapolisDelta Air Lines 3878D84MArrived
9:02 PMHoustonUnited Air Lines 6133A10PArrived
9:10 PMOrlandoSouthwest Airlines 2343A1KArrived
9:30 PMLas VegasSouthwest Airlines 3775A3KArrived
9:46 PMCharlotteAmerican Airlines 1749B32BArrived
10:08 PMMiamiAmerican Airlines 4989B26BArrived
10:08 PMDetroitDelta Air Lines 5700D76MArrived
10:31 PMPhiladelphiaAmerican Airlines 4906B38BArrived
10:57 PMDenverUnited Air Lines 1211A2PArrived
11:47 PMDallas/Fort WorthAmerican Airlines 1661B28BArrived
11:51 PMAtlantaDelta Air Lines 2035D82MArrived
6:45 AMAltoonaBoutique Air 840A16RArrived
9:42 AMAtlantaDelta Air Lines 1448D78MArrived
10:42 AMPhiladelphiaAmerican Airlines 5217B30BArrived
11:17 AMChicagoAmerican Airlines 3830B32BArrived
11:17 AMCharlotteAmerican Airlines 4860B26Arrived
11:32 AMNew YorkDelta Air Lines 5862D76MArrived
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6:00 AMAtlantaDelta Air Lines 2047D76Departed
6:10 AMDetroitDelta Air Lines 5744D76Departed
6:15 AMHoustonUnited Air Lines 6102A10Departed
6:20 AMPhiladelphiaAmerican Airlines 4721B28Departed
6:27 AMCharlotteAmerican Airlines 4715B38Departed
6:30 AMBaltimoreSouthwest Airlines 1446A13Departed
6:40 AMMiamiAmerican Airlines 4985B26Departed
6:49 AMChicagoAmerican Airlines 3828B30Departed
7:00 AMNew YorkDelta Air Lines 5855D80Departed
7:05 AMDenverSouthwest Airlines 4690A11Departed
7:05 AMAtlantaDelta Air Lines 2033Departed
7:15 AMAltoonaBoutique Air 841A16Departed
7:15 AMDallas/Fort WorthAmerican Airlines 679B34Departed
7:15 AMChicagoUnited Air Lines 3561A8Departed
8:00 AMMinneapolisDelta Air Lines 3934D84Departed
8:01 AMPunta GordaAllegiant Air 1420B44Departed
8:15 AMSeattleAlaska Airlines 417B31Departed
10:29 AMCharlotteAmerican Airlines 4797B28Departed
10:45 AMDuboisSouthern Airways Express 168B41Departed
10:47 AMAtlantaDelta Air Lines 1448D78Departed
11:45 AMBradfordSouthern Airways Express 467B41Departed
11:52 AMCharlotteAmerican Airlines 4860B26Departed