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Arrival TimeCityAirlineGateBaggage ClaimStatus
7:15 AMDuboisSouthern Airways Express 227B41LArrived
7:34 AMSan FranciscoUnited Air Lines 2416A2PArrived
8:15 AMBradfordSouthern Airways Express 305B41LArrived
8:15 AMOrlandoSpirit Air Lines 87B33LArrived
8:18 AMBostonJetBlue Airways 1485B29JArrived
8:47 AMCharlotteAmerican Airlines 5162B28BArrived
8:51 AMAtlantaDelta Air Lines 535D78MArrived
9:02 AMNewarkUnited Air Lines 3649A2PArrived
9:07 AMNew YorkDelta Air Lines 5748D80MArrived
9:10 AMSavannahAllegiant Air 2202B42JArrived
9:14 AMNorfolkBreeze 412D84JArrived
9:24 AMNew YorkAmerican Airlines 4603B30BArrived
9:36 AMWashingtonSouthern Airways Express 125B41LArrived
9:37 AMWashingtonUnited Air Lines 6020A6PArrived
9:39 AMDetroitDelta Air Lines 4156D76MArrived
9:40 AMOrlandoSouthwest Airlines 2662A9KArrived
9:42 AMChicagoUnited Air Lines 3651A8PArrived
9:55 AMRaleigh/DurhamAmerican Airlines 4532B32BArrived
10:10 AMBaltimoreSouthwest Airlines 4040A7KArrived
10:36 AMNewarkUnited Air Lines 3532A10PArrived
10:40 AMMorgantownSouthern Airways Express 105B41LArrived
10:41 AMTorontoAir Canada 8921PArrived
10:43 AMBostonDelta Air Lines 5741D78MArrived
10:44 AMFort LauderdaleSpirit Air Lines 1350B33LArrived
10:51 AMNew YorkAmerican Airlines 4845B28BArrived
10:51 AMNew YorkDelta Air Lines 5053D80MArrived
10:55 AMLancasterSouthern Airways Express 309B41LArrived
11:05 AMChicagoSouthwest Airlines 931A9KOn Time
11:12 AMCharlotteAmerican Airlines 783B34BOn Time
11:13 AMChicagoAmerican Airlines 4897B30BOn Time
11:36 AMWashingtonAmerican Airlines 4850B40BOn Time
11:40 AMNew YorkDelta Air Lines 4949D76MOn Time
11:58 AMAtlantaDelta Air Lines 2128D78MOn Time
12:00 PMFort MyersSouthwest Airlines 4007A1KDelayed 1:02 Pm
12:02 PMMelbourneAllegiant Air 2060B39JOn Time
12:07 PMMinneapolisDelta Air Lines 3596D80MOn Time
12:14 PMPhiladelphiaAmerican Airlines 5323B28BOn Time
12:40 PMOrlandoSouthwest Airlines 2580A3KOn Time
12:45 PMNew YorkAmerican Airlines 4787B32BDelayed 1:15 Pm
12:50 PMNashvilleSouthwest Airlines 1176A9KDelayed 12:57 Pm
1:01 PMDallas/Fort WorthAmerican Airlines 2664B34BOn Time
1:01 PMPunta GordaAllegiant Air 2117B42JOn Time
1:07 PMTampaSpirit Air Lines 280B33LDelayed 1:14 Pm
1:11 PMNew YorkAmerican Airlines 4648B30BOn Time
1:13 PMHartfordBreeze 413D84JOn Time
1:14 PMChicagoUnited Air Lines 2160A2POn Time
1:21 PMCharlotteAmerican Airlines 5080B26BOn Time
1:25 PMFort LauderdaleSouthwest Airlines 2988A3KOn Time
1:25 PMDetroitDelta Air Lines 3927D80MDelayed 2:10 Pm
1:31 PMWashingtonUnited Air Lines 3676A6POn Time
1:32 PMSarasota/BradentonAllegiant Air 2077B44JOn Time
1:35 PMDuboisSouthern Airways Express 232B41LOn Time
1:40 PMNewarkUnited Air Lines 3647A12POn Time
1:45 PMHoustonUnited Air Lines 6270A10POn Time
1:54 PMBostonJetBlue Airways 1385B29JDelayed 1:57 Pm
1:59 PMNew YorkDelta Air Lines 5649D76MOn Time
2:08 PMOrlandoSpirit Air Lines 722B35LDelayed 2:23 Pm
2:40 PMChicagoSouthwest Airlines 1673A1KOn Time
2:45 PMAtlantaSouthwest Airlines 838A3KDelayed 3:07 Pm
2:55 PMCharlotteAmerican Airlines 1363B32BOn Time
3:07 PMDenverUnited Air Lines 1022A8POn Time
3:13 PMPhiladelphiaAmerican Airlines 5211B26BOn Time
3:21 PMTorontoAir Canada 8923POn Time
3:30 PMTampaSouthwest Airlines 2787A9KDelayed 3:39 Pm
3:34 PMNew YorkAmerican Airlines 4655B28BOn Time
3:35 PMLancasterSouthern Airways Express 155B41LOn Time
3:39 PMNewarkUnited Air Lines 3635A18POn Time
3:40 PMAltoonaBoutique Air 844A16ROn Time
3:45 PMHoustonUnited Air Lines 6315A4POn Time
3:45 PMMorgantownSouthern Airways Express 107B41LOn Time
3:49 PMAtlantaDelta Air Lines 1707D78MOn Time
3:59 PMDallas/Fort WorthAmerican Airlines 1761B34BDelayed 4:34 Pm
4:00 PMLas VegasSouthwest Airlines 6550A3KDelayed 4:05 Pm
4:06 PMNew YorkDelta Air Lines 4977D80MOn Time
4:09 PMChicagoAmerican Airlines 4649B40BOn Time
4:25 PMBostonDelta Air Lines 4892D76MOn Time
4:31 PMCharlestonBreeze 210D84JOn Time
4:36 PMWashingtonAmerican Airlines 4796B30BOn Time
4:46 PMChicagoUnited Air Lines 1836A2POn Time
4:50 PMBaltimoreSouthwest Airlines 644A1KOn Time
4:51 PMNew YorkDelta Air Lines 5057D78MOn Time
5:14 PMDetroitDelta Air Lines 4007D80MOn Time
5:35 PMCharlotteAmerican Airlines 1504B32BOn Time
5:54 PMNew YorkAmerican Airlines 4680B30BOn Time
5:56 PMNew YorkAmerican Airlines 4640B30BOn Time
6:00 PMDuboisSouthern Airways Express 238B41LOn Time
6:01 PMNewarkUnited Air Lines 1126A12POn Time
6:10 PMChicagoSouthwest Airlines 391A3KOn Time
6:25 PMBradfordSouthern Airways Express 307B41LOn Time
6:27 PMMinneapolisDelta Air Lines 3535D78MOn Time
6:30 PMOrlandoSouthwest Airlines 1420A1KOn Time
6:47 PMBostonJetBlue Airways 1685B29JOn Time
6:49 PMWashingtonUnited Air Lines 4181A6POn Time
6:49 PMDenverFrontier Airlines 686D86ROn Time
6:55 PMLas VegasSouthwest Airlines 597A9KOn Time
6:57 PMNew YorkDelta Air Lines 5786D80MOn Time
6:59 PMAtlantaDelta Air Lines 2662D76MOn Time
7:20 PMWashingtonAmerican Airlines 4727B28BOn Time
7:20 PMBaltimoreSouthwest Airlines 6824KOn Time
7:21 PMSanfordAllegiant Air 2072B44JOn Time
7:32 PMCharlotteAmerican Airlines 1692B32BOn Time
7:35 PMSt. LouisSouthwest Airlines 1675A1KOn Time
7:40 PMPhoenixSouthwest Airlines 1466A3KOn Time
8:01 PMNew YorkDelta Air Lines 5630D84MOn Time
8:08 PMKey WestAllegiant Air 2057B42JOn Time
8:09 PMPhiladelphiaAmerican Airlines 4536C55COn Time
8:14 PMNewarkUnited Air Lines 3687POn Time
8:30 PMMorgantownSouthern Airways Express 111B41LOn Time
8:34 PMNew YorkAmerican Airlines 4613B26BOn Time
8:40 PMProvidenceBreeze 211D84JOn Time
8:52 PMRaleigh/DurhamAmerican Airlines 4742B37BOn Time
9:09 PMNew YorkDelta Air Lines 5737D80MOn Time
9:11 PMWashingtonAmerican Airlines 4763B28BOn Time
9:25 PMChicagoUnited Air Lines 3461POn Time
9:29 PMMyrtle BeachSpirit Air Lines 1013B35LOn Time
9:33 PMNewarkUnited Air Lines 3575POn Time
9:33 PMCharlotteAmerican Airlines 1749B28BOn Time
9:36 PMTorontoAir Canada 8927POn Time
10:00 PMNashvilleSouthwest Airlines 350KOn Time
10:10 PMDallas/Fort WorthAmerican Airlines 403B34BOn Time
10:13 PMNew YorkAmerican Airlines 4835B27BOn Time
10:14 PMNew YorkAmerican Airlines 4600C53BOn Time
10:18 PMSeattleAlaska Airlines 412B31LOn Time
10:30 PMHoustonUnited Air Lines 2615A2POn Time
10:34 PMDenverUnited Air Lines 1211A8POn Time
10:37 PMBostonDelta Air Lines 5713A17MOn Time
10:47 PMJacksonvilleAllegiant Air 2127B39JOn Time
10:47 PMNew YorkDelta Air Lines 5839D82MOn Time
10:49 PMChicagoAmerican Airlines 1173B40BOn Time
10:50 PMBaltimoreSouthwest Airlines 962KOn Time
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7:00 AMAtlantaDelta Air Lines 1701D78Departed
7:00 AMNew YorkDelta Air Lines 5753D84Departed
7:00 AMNew YorkAmerican Airlines 4560B26Departed
7:00 AMMelbourneAllegiant Air 2090B39Departed
7:10 AMChicagoUnited Air Lines 3591A18Departed
7:15 AMAltoonaBoutique Air 841A16Departed
7:27 AMDallas/Fort WorthAmerican Airlines 762B34Departed
7:30 AMPunta GordaAllegiant Air 2105B42Departed
7:33 AMNewarkUnited Air Lines 3485A4Departed
7:40 AMLos AngelesSpirit Air Lines 653B33Departed
7:40 AMLancasterSouthern Airways Express 152B41Departed
7:40 AMOrlandoSpirit Air Lines 1691B35Departed
7:53 AMNew YorkAmerican Airlines 4887C55Departed
8:00 AMSarasota/BradentonAllegiant Air 2086B44Departed
8:08 AMRaleigh/DurhamAmerican Airlines 4768B27Departed
8:10 AMChicagoAmerican Airlines 1426B40Departed
8:14 AMNew YorkDelta Air Lines 5856A17Departed
8:22 AMNew YorkAmerican Airlines 4611B28Departed
8:33 AMCharlotteAmerican Airlines 1824B30Departed
8:35 AMDenverUnited Air Lines 2109A2Departed
8:40 AMBradfordSouthern Airways Express 304B41Departed
8:50 AMNewarkUnited Air Lines 3588A12Departed
8:54 AMBostonJetBlue Airways 1486B29Departed
9:00 AMChicagoUnited Air Lines 3615A10Departed
9:02 AMDallas/Fort WorthSun Country Airlines 3066Departed
9:05 AMOrlandoSpirit Air Lines 721B33Departed
9:25 AMCharlotteAmerican Airlines 5162B28Departed
9:50 AMHartfordBreeze 412D84Departed
9:50 AMSeattleAlaska Airlines 417B31Departed
9:55 AMNew YorkAmerican Airlines 4603B30Departed
9:55 AMSavannahAllegiant Air 2210B42Departed
10:01 AMAtlantaDelta Air Lines 535D78Departed
10:05 AMNew YorkDelta Air Lines 5748D80Departed
10:25 AMDetroitDelta Air Lines 4156D76Departed
10:25 AMNew YorkAmerican Airlines 4836B32Departed
10:25 AMChicagoSouthwest Airlines 2662A9Departed
10:29 AMWashingtonUnited Air Lines 3568A2Departed
10:45 AMHoustonUnited Air Lines 6133A6Departed
10:45 AMFort LauderdaleSouthwest Airlines 4040A7Departed
10:55 AMChicagoUnited Air Lines 3636A8Departed
11:05 AMMorgantownSouthern Airways Express 106B41On Time
11:28 AMBostonDelta Air Lines 5741D78On Time
11:30 AMDuboisSouthern Airways Express 233B41On Time
11:30 AMTorontoAir Canada 8922A14Delayed 11:40 Am
11:36 AMNew YorkAmerican Airlines 4845B28On Time
11:36 AMNew YorkDelta Air Lines 5053D80On Time
11:36 AMFort LauderdaleSpirit Air Lines 1506B33On Time
11:40 AMLas VegasSouthwest Airlines 931A9On Time
11:56 AMChicagoAmerican Airlines 4897B30On Time
12:00 PMCharlotteAmerican Airlines 1873B34On Time
12:06 PMWashingtonAmerican Airlines 4850B26On Time
12:25 PMNew YorkDelta Air Lines 4949D76On Time
12:35 PMAtlantaSouthwest Airlines 191A1Delayed 1:37 Pm
12:42 PMNewarkUnited Air Lines 3508A10On Time
12:52 PMJacksonvilleAllegiant Air 2103B39On Time
1:00 PMMinneapolisDelta Air Lines 3639D80On Time
1:08 PMAtlantaDelta Air Lines 2128D78On Time
1:15 PMBaltimoreSouthwest Airlines 2580A3On Time
1:16 PMPhiladelphiaAmerican Airlines 5323B28On Time
1:18 PMWashingtonAmerican Airlines 4807B32On Time
1:40 PMFort MyersSouthwest Airlines 275A9Delayed 1:42 Pm
1:49 PMNew YorkAmerican Airlines 4689B40On Time
1:50 PMNorfolkBreeze 413D84On Time
1:51 PMKey WestAllegiant Air 2056B42On Time
1:51 PMDallas/Fort WorthAmerican Airlines 2664B34On Time
2:00 PMOrlandoSouthwest Airlines 1220A3On Time
2:00 PMMorgantownSouthern Airways Express 108B41On Time
2:05 PMTampaSpirit Air Lines 291B33On Time
2:05 PMCharlotteAmerican Airlines 5439B26On Time
2:10 PMDetroitDelta Air Lines 3927D80Delayed 2:39 Pm
2:15 PMChicagoUnited Air Lines 2092A2On Time
2:21 PMNewarkUnited Air Lines 3623A12On Time
2:22 PMSanfordAllegiant Air 2140B44On Time
2:30 PMBostonJetBlue Airways 1786B29On Time
2:46 PMNew YorkDelta Air Lines 5640D76On Time
2:50 PMWashingtonUnited Air Lines 6047A10On Time
3:00 PMNewarkUnited Air Lines 3663A6On Time
3:02 PMLas VegasSpirit Air Lines 333B35On Time
3:20 PMChicagoSouthwest Airlines 838A3Delayed 3:42 Pm
3:30 PMSt. LouisSouthwest Airlines 1674A1On Time
3:52 PMCharlotteAmerican Airlines 1363B32On Time
4:00 PMDuboisSouthern Airways Express 235B41On Time
4:05 PMTorontoAir Canada 8924A14On Time
4:10 PMBradfordSouthern Airways Express 308B41On Time
4:15 PMTampaSouthwest Airlines 984A9Delayed 4:24 Pm
4:18 PMNew YorkAmerican Airlines 4655B28On Time
4:20 PMAltoonaBoutique Air 845A16On Time
4:30 PMDenverUnited Air Lines 1743A8On Time
4:30 PMHoustonUnited Air Lines 6357A4On Time
4:34 PMPhiladelphiaAmerican Airlines 5211B26On Time
4:40 PMBaltimoreSouthwest Airlines 6823A3On Time
4:49 PMDallas/Fort WorthAmerican Airlines 892B34Delayed 5:04 Pm
4:50 PMAtlantaDelta Air Lines 1707D78On Time
4:55 PMNew YorkDelta Air Lines 5165D80On Time
5:05 PMProvidenceBreeze 210D84On Time
5:10 PMNew YorkDelta Air Lines 4961D76On Time
5:35 PMRaleigh/DurhamAmerican Airlines 4514B30On Time
5:36 PMBostonDelta Air Lines 4898D78On Time
5:40 PMPhoenixSouthwest Airlines 644A1On Time
5:48 PMChicagoUnited Air Lines 1148A2On Time
6:17 PMCharlotteAmerican Airlines 1504B32On Time
6:25 PMLancasterSouthern Airways Express 158B41On Time
6:26 PMNew YorkAmerican Airlines 4733B40On Time
6:29 PMChicagoAmerican Airlines 4644B30On Time
6:45 PMDetroitDelta Air Lines 4007D80On Time
6:45 PMDenverSouthwest Airlines 391A3On Time
6:50 PMMorgantownSouthern Airways Express 112B41On Time
7:05 PMOrlandoSouthwest Airlines 1421A1On Time
7:08 PMNewarkUnited Air Lines 222A12On Time
7:15 PMMinneapolisDelta Air Lines 3535D78On Time
7:23 PMBostonJetBlue Airways 1686B29On Time
7:30 PMBaltimoreSouthwest Airlines 597A9On Time
7:34 PMDenverFrontier Airlines 687D86On Time
7:42 PMWashingtonUnited Air Lines 4387A6On Time
7:42 PMNew YorkDelta Air Lines 5786D80On Time
7:59 PMAtlantaDelta Air Lines 2662D76On Time
8:06 PMWashingtonAmerican Airlines 4727B28On Time
8:10 PMNashvilleSouthwest Airlines 1466A3On Time
8:13 PMCharlotteAmerican Airlines 1692B32On Time
8:20 PMChicagoSouthwest Airlines 1676A1On Time
8:55 PMDuboisSouthern Airways Express 239B41On Time
9:15 PMCharlestonBreeze 211D84On Time