The following are answers to frequently asked questions regarding Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT) and the coronavirus pandemic:

Is PIT still open?

Yes. PIT is open and remains fully operational to support essential travel. However, airlines have adjusted their schedules to address the decrease in travel demand. Customers should check with their airlines on the status of their flight before leaving for the airport. Airline Contact Information.

Are restaurants and stores open?

Yes, though a number of concessions are temporarily closed or have reduced their hours of operation. For a list of open concessions, please visit:

Is Port Authority’s 28X still operating?

Yes. The 28X bus to the airport is operating under its normal schedule. The bus stops on Baggage Claim level, near Door 6, approximately every 30 minutes. More information on 28X.

Are parking and hotel shuttles, taxis, and services such as Uber and Lyft still operating?

Yes. Hotel shuttles, rental cars, buses, parking shuttles, and taxis and other ground transportation services continue to operate; however, some may have altered or reduced services and/or hours of operation. More information on Ground Transportation.

Are Pittsburgh International Airport’s parking lots still open?
Can I drive to PIT to pick someone up?

Yes, but because of healthy practices recommended by the CDC and World Health Organization, we ask that individuals pick up their passengers on Baggage Claim level, curbside. Individuals may use the Cell Phone lot to wait for their passengers. The Cell Phone lot is located inside the Extended Economy lot. More information on Cell Phone lot.

What is PIT doing to reduce the spread of the coronavirus?

The airport’s response is integrated with the CDC and the Allegheny County Health Department and involves first responder staff that are trained to handle such situations. The airport implemented new healthy travel protocols, which include boosting deep-cleaning routines in the terminal by its 90-person cleaning staff. The new protocols include:

  • Enhanced, deep-cleaning routines in the terminal, including restrooms, people movers, authority offices and other common areas;
  • Additional hand sanitizing stations installed at approximately 30 locations throughout the airport;
  • Increased cleaning frequencies at all high-touchpoint areas including handrails, elevator buttons, door handles, tables, public desks, and chairs;
  • The people movers, including hold bars and rails, are being cleaned more frequently;
  • Cleaning staff is equipped with hospital-grade disinfectant that is certified environmentally friendly.
Are international flights from Canada, Mexico and other destinations affected?

Currently, flights to/from Pittsburgh International Airport from/to Canada are suspended. International flights to Pittsburgh International Airport from Cancun, Mexico and Punta Cana, Dominican Republic are expected to continue operations. Passengers on these flights will be redirected to the airports currently designated to host health screening for travelers, of which PIT is NOT one. After the screening at one of these airports, the flight will continue to Pittsburgh.

What are the screening and/or quarantine procedures for incoming passengers?

International flights coming to the U.S. will be redirected to the airports currently designated to host health screening, of which PIT is NOT one. Quarantine procedures are determined by public health officials on an individual basis at these airports. At this time, there are no domestic travel bans and passengers are not subject to additional screening or quarantine procedures on flights within the U.S.

I am coming from Ohio to catch a flight. Am I going to be able to enter the state?

Yes, you will be able to enter Pennsylvania. Although Pittsburgh International Airport is located in Allegheny County, one of just six counties in the commonwealth under the order, the airport is exempt from the order.

Am I allowed to come to the airport under the stay at home order?

The airport is exempt from the stay at home order, so you are permitted to come to the airport to fly or to pick up a passenger. However, it is strongly recommend staying at home and only come to the airport for essential travel or business.

We are looking to fly this Saturday and return next Friday. Does the stay-at-home order include the airport?

The airport is exempt from the stay-at-home order; however, it is stressed that only essential travel should occur. Airlines have reduced flight schedules significantly, so call your airline before departing for the airport.