In partnership with TACKL Health, PIT is offering COVID-19 testing for public health and peace of mind. Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) and rapid tests will be administered in TACKL Health’s clinic in both the landside terminal across from the information desk and in Concourse A across from gate A2 for ticketed passengers only on the day of their travel.  Some airlines might require a negative test result in order to obtain a boarding pass, especially if traveling internationally. Please check with your individual airline on its requirements before coming to the airport.

Please call 888-705-6576 for any questions.

  • Antigen (15 min results): $95
  • Standard PCR (24-72 hr results): $129
  • Standard PCR and Antigen Tests: $175
  • Rapid PCR (30 min results): $275
  • Antibody: $65 (15-30 min results) (discounted to $45 when also getting any above-listed test)

*No insurance will be accepted.                                                       

PCR test results will come back 3-4 days on average and the rapid antigen test results should be known in 15 minutes. Both tests identify active COVID-19 cases, are administered by Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) and comply with U.S. Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requirements. TACKL Health will send results via an app that is downloaded by passengers.

This is yet another initiative under the airport’s Safe Travels program to improve safety protocols and offer passengers options to feel more confident when they travel. Following CDC guidelines, Safe Travels includes a mandatory face coverings requirement, social distancing, and enhanced cleaning protocols in our facilities.

As reported in PIT’s Blue Sky News, should people choose to travel the COVID-19 testing can help them do so confidently as well as comply with various states’ testing orders, including Pennsylvania. The Airport Authority will not ask passengers for test results and is not responsible for enforcing state travel orders.

If you choose to travel, get tested right at PIT for public safety and peace of mind.





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