New and Resumed Flights


125 nonstop, amazing departures, all from Pittsburgh.

There’s never been a better time to travel–relaxing by the pool,
exploring and shopping, climbing a mountain, trying new foods or
just spending the day watching the waves with your toes in the sand.
And with so many flights going to so many different destinations,
Pittsburgh International Airport is where you want to fly from.





Austin, TX

Begins November 23 (seasonal)

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Melbourne, FL

Begins November 11

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Miami, FL

Begins November 20 (seasonal)

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Montreal, Canada

Resumes October 31

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New York-JFK, NY

Resumes November 2

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Norfolk/Virginia Beach, VA

Begins July 30

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Phoenix, AZ

Resumes August 18

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Phoenix-Mesa, AZ

Begins August 19

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Providence, RI

Begins July 29

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Salt Lake City, UT

Resumes December 18

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San Francisco, CA

Resumes September 8

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No matter what sort of flight you’re thinking of booking,
Pittsburgh International Airport can help you get where you want to go.
There are 125 nonstop PIT flights departing every day.
And with affordable parking rates, going #flypittsburgh is a no-brainer.

The future of travel is here and it’s focused on you.