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Authorized Signatory Training Calendar

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Authorized Signatory Training Calendar

Frequently Asked Questions

What will the new system be used for?

The IDMS system will manage all badge applications, including new, renewal and replacement badges.  The system will also support requests for vehicle passes, visitor passes, escort passes, and key requests.

Will I still need to fill out paperwork?

Application forms are moving online.  You will simply log in to a web-based portal and choose the function or request that you need.  The system will prompt you to enter the mandatory data and provide your electronic authorization.

Will I still need to come down to the badge office with my applicants?

No, most of your functions will now be completed from your desk.  When you submit a form from the system portal, the Access/ID Office will see it in their queue for processing.

Will I still have to maintain a list of my badge holders?

Yes, Authorized Signatories will continue to be responsible to maintain up-to-date records of your badge and key holders.  Badge audits will now be triggered and managed by the system.

Will I be required to complete training for the IDMS?

Yes, Authorized Signatories will be required to complete a 30-minute online learning course before accessing the system.  The Access/ID Office will host drop-in Q&A sessions to provide further support.

How do I sign up for training?

Authorized Signatories will be automatically enrolled in the online training through our computer-based learning platform.

When will training occur?

Authorized Signatory online training will be assigned in your ACAA Academy learning management account on Monday, March 27th. Drop-in sessions will be available for you to attend after you have first completed the online learning module.

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Where can I get help if I don't remember how to use the system?

There will be a searchable online reference guide to provide instructions for every Authorized Signatory process.  If you still need help, we will have a team of Champions ready to answer questions.  Simply email [email protected].

How do I get new badges for my team members?

Team members whose badges expire within the first three months after the new system is live will follow the standard badge renewal process to receive their new badge. Everyone else will receive a notification from the Access/ID Office with instructions on when and where to come to replace their badge. You will not need to complete any system requests for these badge replacements.