ACCESS ADA Paratransit Service

ACCESS ADA Paratransit Service is a shared-ride, advance-reservation paratransit service that operates throughout Pittsburgh and surrounding Allegheny County from 6:00 a.m. to midnight, every day of the year. Eight companies provide service for ACCESS. Riders must use tickets to pay for their transportation. The number of tickets charged for a trip depends on the length of the trip. The minimum one-way fare is 4 tickets ($2.25) and the maximum is 8 tickets ($4.50).

An eligible person with a disability visiting the Pittsburgh area is eligible for 21 days of travel on ACCESS in any single year.


A Door-to-Door, Shared Ride Service serving all areas of Allegheny County 6 AM to Midnight, 7 days per week 365 days per year





How to Qualify?

Contact the ACCESS office at least two weeks in advance of visiting Pittsburgh to register for traveling. You will be sent a simple application to complete, which you can request by calling Anna Captain at 412.562.5353 or by e-mail (

Attach proof of your out-of county residence to the application, (example: copy of any utility bill or a copy of your voter registration card) displaying your current address. If you are eligible for paratransit service where you live, then send us a copy of your Paratransit Identification Card. If your disability is apparent (you use a mobility aid or a service animal) you are not required to provide verification of your disability.

How to use ACCESS?

Everyone must use tickets to use ACCESS. ACCESS tickets cost $11.25 for a book of 20 tickets or $11.70 by mail. You will need at least one book of tickets to take you to and from the airport from downtown Pittsburgh. It will be eight tickets each way. Make your check payable to ACCESS and mail to the address listed below along with your application and proof of residency. Any unused tickets are refundable.

Pittsburgh International Airport
Landside Terminal, 4th Floor, Mezz
PO Box 12370
Pittsburgh, PA 15231-0370

How to get from point A to point B?

Everyone using ACCESS to get to and from the airport has a choice of using either Port Authority’s fully accessible 28X bus service that runs about every 30 minutes from the airport to downtown Pittsburgh and Oakland or Air Star ACCESS/Classy Cab.

Arriving flight details

When arriving at Pittsburgh International Airport, upon retrieving your luggage, either report to the Authority’s Ground Transportation Coordinator on Commercial Arrivals to advise of your ACCESS ride with Air Star Access/Classy Cab or go to the Port Authority bus stop on Commercial Arrivals and take the 28X into town. When you arrive downtown, your local ACCESS provider will be there to take you to your destination.

How to schedule a ride?

If you are traveling to or from Pittsburgh International Airport and your itinerary has already been established, you may send this information along with your application to the ACCESS office. Your trip will be scheduled and you will be called to confirm the trip. If you do not have your itinerary, you must call one day in advance of the day you want to ride on ACCESS. You can call 412.562.5353 between the hours of 8:00 AM and 3:30 PM (EST). Give the operator your name, telephone number where you can be reached, and flight information. Have the Customer Service Representative confirm the information to ensure its accuracy.

At this time, you should also give the representative your reservation information for your trip from the downtown Hilton to your final destination. You will be provided a telephone number of the service provider who will provide your service.

What if my flight is delayed?

The Express Shuttle supervisors monitor the flights and will know if your flight is delayed. They will notify your ACCESS carrier to arrange another ACCESS ride to meet you at the Hilton to take you the rest of the way home. If you decide to take Port Authority service to town, you must call your local ACCESS service provider when you arrive at the airport to let them know you will be late for your ride from town and when you expect to get there. They will arrange later ACCESS service to get you home.

How much luggage can I carry?

Each passenger may take two pieces of luggage and a carry-on bag. The Air Star Access/Classy Cab driver will assist you with your luggage, as long as it is of reasonable size and weight. Port Authority drivers do not handle luggage.

NOTE: If you arrive at the Pittsburgh International Airport without following the above procedures, it is very unlikely that ACCESS will be able to arrange service on the same day. However, you have two other options of travel. You can travel on Port Authority’s 28X bus or SuperShuttle Pittsburgh (if traveling within Allegheny County) by paying cash. Both are wheelchair accessible. If you do not require a wheelchair accessible vehicle, there are taxis readily available at the airport.

Should you wish to travel throughout the county during your visit in Pittsburgh, please contact the ACCESS office at 412.562.5353 or visit for additional information.