Parking Shuttle

About the Parking Shuttle Bus Service:

We have recently changed our parking operator to LAZ Parking, introducing a newer shuttle fleet and service offer.

With a maximum of 6-Shuttles operating between the Extended Parking Lot to/from the Terminal, our focus is on keeping passenger waiting times to a minimum.

Contributing to a cleaner air climate, we’re alleviating wasted trips, balancing the demands between Arriving & Departing passengers, prioritizing defaults to flight arrivals, bringing you closer to home faster.

Our next shuttle is moments away, if not already waiting for you – there may be a short wait to maximize flight arriving passengers to board the shuttle before heading back to the parking lot.

  • Exclusive to ‘Extended Parking Lot’
    IMPORTANT: Economy is walking to/from Terminal via Long Term route.
  • Shuttle Buses operate 24/7-365 including Holidays.
    • Flight Departing Passengers : Drop off via the Commercial Departures curb.
    • Flight Arriving Passengers : Pick up via Commercial Arrivals curb (Baggage Claim), Ground Transport: Door 6.
  • Shuttle Frequency typically every 10-mins plus 5-8 min transfer time.
    We aim for our passengers to be waiting onboard not out on the curb.
  • Shuttle Buses are Wheelchair accessible, with integrated lifts.
  • Luggage racks onboard, our drivers will be able to assist you in loading.
  • Forward facing seating configuration for your safety.
  • Vehicles are frequently cleaned and sanitized for your safety and comfort.
  • Anyone who requires assistance or modifications for boarding and/or disembarking parking shuttles can contact the LAZ Parking Team at 412-472-5050 or via any parking facility intercom at Bus Stops & Pay Stations or ask the parking shuttle driver for assistance.

Tip for Travelers

Take a picture of the number/letter on the pole closest to your spot to help you remember your parking location when returning to PIT.

Tip for  Travelers