Parking Shuttle

About the Shuttle System

  • Shuttle service operates in the Extended Lot only
  • Shuttle service from the landside terminal to the parking lot can be picked up on the 1st floor Baggage Level at Door 6
  • Shuttle service runs 24/7
  • Maps and location guides are available in the shuttle bus shelters
  • Wheelchair accessible 
  • Flight status monitors on each shuttle 
  • Safety protocols include:
    • Driver check-in area and offices are sanitized continuously.
    • Buses go through deep decontamination on a weekly basis.
    • Drivers’ pre-check routine requires sanitizing and wiping down the immediate area around the driver seat and all shared railings and touch-points on the bus. Drivers will also exercise this practice during downtime.
    • A physical barrier has been added behind the driver seat as added separation from passenger seating.
    • Buses will have hand-sanitizer dispensers for passenger use (based on availability).

Tip for Travelers

Take a picture of the number/letter on the pole closest to your spot to help you remember your parking location when returning to PIT.

Tip for  Travelers