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PIT2Work is your fast track to trade certifications. Hosted by Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT), on the site of the new Terminal Modernization Program (TMP), which is what we call the construction of our new terminal and everything that goes with it, this 5-week training opportunity immediately immerses you in discovering the trades and skills to help you take your career to new heights. The PIT2Work program will provide you with top-notch training, connections with multiple trade unions and their open jobs, and experience at the TMP work site, which is one of the most exciting capital development projects in the entire Pittsburgh region. The program does not require previous training, skills or experience to enroll.

PIT2Work is a partnership among PIT, Partner4Work, and the Builders Guild of Western PA to train individuals interested in the construction trades as pre-apprentices. As pre-apprentices, participants are qualified to pursue union apprenticeships and, ultimately, jobs on the TMP or beyond.

The skills and certifications participants receive from this program may be used for other work in the future, beyond your time at the TMP.

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More on Workforce Development at PIT

To support our community, PIT also has created avenues of access for workers with families looking to achieve their career goals in trades and aviation. These developments include an on-site childcare center, the addition of the 28X Airport Flyer airport to town route (created in partnership with the Pittsburgh Regional Transit Authority) and mentorship and outreach programs through various elementary and high school programs to educate tomorrow’s workforce through today’s opportunities. When the local community is set up for success, we all benefit. This is integral to who PIT is.

If you are interested in participating in the workforce collaborative or have additional questions, please contact Alicia Booker, Director of Workforce Development, at abooker@flypittsburgh.com or complete the following webform.

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    TMP Construction

    More on the TMP

    The TMP is being built for Pittsburgh by Pittsburgh. The project was designed to serve the people who live in this community and is adding hundreds of jobs for local residents. Ensuring that the airport represents everyone who lives in this region is key to its success. Additionally, the overwhelming majority of materials used in the project are coming from the region, including steel from Aliquippa.

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